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What is the Business Leaders Wine Club?

Welcome to the Business Leaders Wine Club. This isn’t your average networking event…. no really! Our mission is to make discovering new wines an exciting shared experience that will develop your presence in the thriving Sussex business community.

We host regular, exclusive wine tastings at a variety of venues around Brighton, and with some incredible partners and guest speakers providing some amazing icebreakers, such as the wines to taste, the cheeses to accompany, some wine industry education, or even getting hands-on and creative with wine itself.



Meet your Hosts


Hi there, I’m Sandra Murphy, a business coach and mentor. My clients and I work together to bring about the real changes that will achieve those tantalising ‘big picture’ business goals.


Hi, I’m Alex Ryan, owner of the agency Marketing 101, founder of Vermouth Actually, board member for Gaydio, Gift of the Year awards and the Giftware Association, podcaster, DJ and speaker.


Hello, I’m Karl Elwood, founder of Elwood Wine Selections, working with modern winemakers who aren’t stuck in tradition but make the wine that is true to themselves and loved by their buyers.


Welcome! I’m Chris Mansfield, owner of Fusion, The Business Catalyst. I’m a full time, professional and dedicated networker, spending all of my time ‘putting the right business people together.’

Mike Monk Head Shot

I’m Mike Monk and have mentored and helped a number of small businesses to grow while running successful Business to Business Shows for the past 35 years like the Brighton & Hove Business Show held in June.